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Choose to be Happy

The mistake many of us make is to expect someone to come into our lives and make us happy. The key to happiness is to realize that no owes us any obligation to make us happy. We must take control over our lives and do not rely too  heavily on someone else for happiness. Often after a breakup people hold on to the hurt and pain of the failed relationship. Unhappiness becomes a way of life and there is no moving forward.

We have to understand that people will disappoint us, they will betray and hurt us. But we must refuse to let them take our joy. Promise yourself that you will choose happiness in spite of situations that are beyond your control. Trust God and know that he will not allow the person who cause you pain to live happily ever after while you live in misery.


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Be positive

Your mind is a powerful tool
and just like the body your mind needs food.
The thoughts that circulate
in your mind daily has the power
to either lift you up or pull you down.
It is therefore important for you
to fill your mind with positive thoughts.

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Self Love

Self love is important. In order for others to love you, you must first love yourself unconditionally. When you love yourself you set the stage for others to love you. You are also more likely to grasp the concept that you are deserving of love and you are less likely to allow others to treat you in a manner less than you deserve.