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Have you ever had a dream and can’t figure out what it means. Yes I have been there to. It is nice to have an idea of what your dream could mean. In the next few weeks I will be sharing some dreams and their meanings as explained by Dr. MacDonald.

To dream of seeing apple trees and of eating sweet apples, signifies joy, diversion and recreation, particular to females ; sour apples denotes quarrels and sedition.

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Man Kills Daughter for Dating a Muslim

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A few weeks ago an Israeli Christian reportedly stabbed his seventeen year old daughter to death because he did not approve of her relationship with a Muslim man. Henriette Karra was killed in her family home a day after her high school graduation.

Before her murder she had reportedly left the family home to after abuse and threats from her parents and stayed part-time with her boyfriend’s parents. Her family proceeded to use threats to get her back home. After a meeting with a social worker she returned home. She is said to have told a family member that she was ready to convert to Islam. On learning this information the father stabbed her to death. He was arrested.

The question one must ask is which is worse her dating a Muslim or he murdering her. The things people do simply boggles the mind.