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11 Year-old Murdered

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A heartbreaking story today is that of the death of a eleven year-old girl in New Jersey. This child’s life was so senselessly cut short. She did not stray from home, she did nothing wrong. She was murdered at a place where she was supposed to be safe…on her home ground. He 18 year-old neighbor is presently being held in connection with her death.

There are no words that can numb the pain of her grieving parents. To lose a child is hard, but to lose one in this manner is even more heartbreaking.¬†Prayers for the family little Abbiegail Smith….. gone way too soon. May her soul Rest In Peace.



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Maintain Your Individuality


Maintain your individuality in a relationship. Allow someone to share your life but never allow that person to become your life. Despite your best efforts a relationship may fail to work out. If that person who is your life walks away what will you have left?  It is much harder for someone who considers the other person to be his or her life to bounce back after a breakup. In fact some individuals have been known to commit suicide because they accept the breakup to mean tht their life is over. Breakups are hard but by maintaining your individuality you will find it easier to cope.