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Since the beginning of this Trump administration many undocumented immigrants are living in fear. While it is important to maintain law and order and ensure that people follow proper procedures the rounding up of people for deportation should be done in a manner that will not disrupt lives and tear families apart.

We use the term Immigrants loosely and many people fail to understand that except for the Native American Indians we are all immigrants. It is also ironic to note that many of these Indians were killed and their land taken from them the very land that others now claim to be their and are now saying to other immigrants that we don’t want you here. While I am in agreement with the removal of criminals elements It is my belief that law-abiding hard-working undocumented immigrants should be given the chance to stay in this country and sort out their immigration status.




Your happiness is not dependent on someone else so never tell yourself that it is better to be in an abusive relationship rather than to be alone. It is better to be alone and feel happy than to be in a relationship that makes you feel miserable.

Empowering Women


Stand up for Yourself

No matter how much you love a man do not allow yourself to become a door mat and let him walk all over you. You have to maintain your individuality and your self-respect. If he cannot respect you trust me you don’t need him in your life. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that it will be okay, you are not going to find happiness with someone who does not respect you.

Turn I Can’t into I Can

It cannot be done says the man who sit idle all day and plays video games. It cannot be done says the woman who sits all day and watch TV and gossip. It cannot be done says that friend who tried once and failed. Listen not to the ones who tell you it cannot be done. Go out and do it and prove them wrong.

Be Positive

You have to keep a positive mind and hope for the best even when everything appears chaotic around you. When life gets to the point where it seems like you are journeying through a long tunnel always remember that there is light at the end. You have to hang in there and go through.

Empowering Women


Some Abusers are like Chameleons

You cannot just look at a man and tell that he is an abuser. Sometimes they are the most unsuspecting people you will ever meet. It could be that man who is always cordial and greets you with a smile. It can be that deacon who prays the loudest and the longest in church on Sundays. It can be that man who always seems helpful. Most abusers like to be liked and they can be quite charming. It is this charm that often draws women in.

In public he may treat his woman like a queen because he wants people to have a good impression of him. It is behind closed doors that the monster in him rears its ugly head and he becomes a different person. There is  no one for him to impress and he becomes her worst nightmare. He often sets the stage so that people might not even believe her if she tells them what he is truly like. It is easy to get in his grasp but hard to get out because he likes control and he thinks he is clever. The woman has no choice but to seek people who she can trust and plan her escape.

Let Go of Doubt

Today you must say to self-doubt you cannot stay, I have no room for you. In order to achieve growth you have to first break up with the doubter within you because if you don’t it will hold you back and prevent you from taking the steps to achieve your goals.

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