Obama on Gun Control

President Obama is considering taking executive action to tighten gun control. His proposal calls for unlicensed gun dealers to get licenses and for greater background checks. He also proposes preventing people with a record of domestic violence from owning guns. Of course his announcement is already getting mixed reviews. Those who are not tired of saying R.I.P do not think there is need for tighter gun laws. No one has died for them yet. I do know if it is a lack of understanding that causes people not to want to see gun reform. President Obama is not trying to prevent law abiding citizens from owning guns. What he is trying to do is to keep the guns out of the wrong
hands. There is a big difference. It is time for us to act now to save lives tomorrow. We must stop accepting it as the norm to say R.I.P for people whose lives we could have saved.

6 thoughts on “Obama on Gun Control”

  1. I feel strongly about good choices. People should need proof of not having any drugs in their system when they purchase guns. I had to take a drug test to get a warehouse job; to work with equipment. Guns are like equipment, needing proper use. This would be considered outrageous to most people. I know this! “Taking away rights.” I have know people with addictions. Guns in the hands of desperate people is also not a good way to go. When I worked at a battered women’s shelter, there was a man whose wife went to the police, who called us to come bring her to the shelter. She had 5 kids and the first day she was there her mother got a call from our client telling her she was “safe.” Sad thing was, her husband had shot all the windows of her mother’s house when she would not say where she had gone. Shelters usually encourage getting transported to a different county, with time and space apart. Abusers should be like pedophiles, listed to neighbors, since who wants NOT to know if a violent person lives close by?
    The woman ended up getting shot 4x in the head by him, while he was handcuffed he was able to sideways grab the deputy’s gun and aim it. She was eventually in a nursing home on a life support system (a “vegetable”) while he went to a minimum security prison. Years later he escaped with a woman pen pal, waiting in a car to go across country and tried to marry him. I was on the courthouse steps when Debby Staley got shot by Ransom Staley. So much for escaping her husband! (1985)

  2. Marva, did I mention I posted a list of fellow bloggers who wrote books on 12/30/15. Your name, book and blog was on the post. I was recommending either buying books for the new year or requisitioning them for library purchase. ” Great News: Library Requisition Forms.” (post title) Smiles, Robin

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