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The War in Nigeria

There is a war going on the war against ISIS. But in Nigeria an equal vicious war is taking place and the people seem to be defenseless. Boko Haram attacks in recent days have left 52 dead. An attack on a village on Christmas day left 14 people dead and there have been more attacks since then causing the death toll to rise.    

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Inspirational Words

One doesn’t know how much time is left as the sands of life trickle through;
So pack with care your case of life
And preserve the good and the true.
Place your laughter near the top
And bury sorrow down deep.
Put your worries and cares to one side and good memories forever keep.
Place the wisdom and love above all,
Over everything else in the case.
They are the trophies won in the end
Over life’s battles you’ve faced.
Now gently close the lid with care
And wait for your Creator’s call.
Hold strong and steadfast to your case of life and pray that you never falter or fall.
(Shirley Powell)



Inspirational words

Inspirational Words


When Love is shared it multiplies

Like violets in the spring

And suddenly the world becomes

A many splendored thing.

Love always makes us young at heart

The best that we can be,

When we reach out to others

In love and charity.

Love comforts and consoles us

When sorrows come our way;

Renews our strength and fosters hope

When we take time to pray.

When love is share, we too receive

The blessings it affords,

For it plays upon our heartstrings

The happiest of chords.

The greatest love the world has known

Was shown at Calvary

When God so loved lost sinners that

Christ died for you and me

When love is shared, it changes things

And honors God above,

For the greatest gift He gave us

Was His redeeming love.

{Clay Harrison}

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Donald Trump Rhetoric

Donald_TrumpDonald Trump rhetoric of Anti anyone who is not American is getting media backlash. His recent comments about banning all Muslims from coming to America is the latest to stir controversy. Donald Trump loves controversy. He feeds on it. He lights the fire, stirs the pot and watch it boil over with indifference.
Trump is feeding on the fears of a nation on edge and apprehensive about terrorist attacks. Based on their fears people are gravitating towards Trump thinking he can keep us safe. However the path he is taking will only create more enemies and plunge us into war. A loud mouth and bullying tactics is not the answer.