Crisis in Syria

I was thinking about the crisis in Syria and thought how ironic that the situation there took such a nasty turn. It started with the people’s dissatisfaction with the then government . They were protesting for change and better leadership. However what they now have is not what they bargained for. It is as if the gates of hell opened up and the devils within unleashed on them.

Everywhere across Syria there is destruction and ruins. Hundreds of thousand have been displaced losing their home and everything they own. Over two hundred and twenty thousand have lost their lives and there is no end in sight to the civil war. How did the people’s desire for change turn into something so horrible?

Thought for Today

We all have issues, we all face problems at one time or another.  How we deal with them make all the difference. If we take a defeatist approach then we have already lost the battle. Today take a positive approach. Say no matter what comes my way, I will not give in, I will not quit, and I will overcome.