Inspirational words

Inspirational Poem


For every cross we have to bear,

For every heartache, every care,

For disappointments that come our way,

For every dark and gloomy day,

There’s a reason


For every tear that we shed,

For all the dreams that rests unsaid,

For every stone that bruise our feet,

When trudging on the endless streets,

There’s a reason


For every hurt and every pain,

And all the hopes that lived in vain,

For every grief and every plight,

For every lonely hour at night,

There’s a reason


But there is One who understands

Our every ache and every pain,

We must put our trust in Him,

It will not be in vain,

For He knows the reason

Author Unknown

Social Media

Social Media

 How Much Is Too Much

Last night I overhear a little girl talking to her friend on the bus. She was saying how much she wanted to go to sleep over camp so she could take pictures to post on Facebook and Instagram. What struck me was not the fact that she wanted to do this but rather how earnest she seemed about it as it was the most import thing in the world. I had to smile.

On deeper reflection I couldn’t help thinking that there are so many adults who like this little girl posting on Facebook and Instagram is a very serious matter. They eat, live, sleep and breathe for the moment they post something and get the likes and comments. For some it is almost like an obsession a fix to get them through the day. The trouble is these people often put too much of their lives on public display. While others encourage them (Many of whom ironically, keep their own lives private) it is not necessarily a good thing.

Identity theft is a major problem and just because it hasn’t happened to you yet doesn’t mean it can’t happen. People don’t have to know where you shop what you bought and what expensive gifts you got. Don’t broadcast to the world when we you going on vacation where you are going and how long you will be staying. Robbers love to know all this information. Remember if you do not enable your privacy settings it means everyone can see all of what you post. Sharing does not mean the world has to know everything about you!