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R.I.P Robin Williams


We did not understand your pain
or the demons that you fought,
But when you went away
Somehow it broke our hearts.
We remember all the good times,
And the way you made us laugh,
Memories of you will forever live
indelible in our hearts.
Gone too soon but you will never be forgotten,
May you find peace in death
That you did not have in life.

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Death of Robin Williams

Today we continue to mourn the death of Robin Williams. It is believed that the actor may have committed suicide. I for one was saddened and shocked by the news of his death. He was a great actor and such a comedian. He was able to make so many of us smile and we will always remember those moments.  His death however drives home some serious truths – Success does not guarantee happiness. It does not automatically give you a life devoid of problems. It also emphasizes the importance of paying closer attention to our loved ones who are having problems and never assume that they will never take their lives. Let us all play our part to help prevent suicide.

I hope the press will not delve too deep in his private life just to make sensational news.  Instead let us all remember the Robin Williams we all knew, the man who entertained us and made us smile.

Gone too soon, but we will always remember you. Perhaps you didn’t know it but you were dearly loved. The demons that you fought you will have to fight no more. Enjoy your sleep and may your soul Rest In Peace.