5 Reasons Not to be a Side chick

The very fact that you see yourself as a side chick means that you know that the man already has a wife or girlfriend. You are not his number one priority.

You are intruding on another woman’s relationship and may possibly be the home wrecker who disrupt her life and that her children. That is not cool.

You are the secret that his wife or girlfriend must never find out about. It is important for his secret to stay hidden.

If his wife or girlfriend finds out about you, you then becomes his mistake. His explanation to his wife or girlfriend…he made a mistake. You are that mistake.

Of course to save his relationship with the person who really matters he will say you meant nothing. So from being a secret, then a mistake you become nothing. Don’t be his nothing.

The bottom line is you need to respect yourself and respect the other woman’s relationship. If that is not enough remember Karma is a bitch and what you dish out you will get back in return.

Life and Living

Remembering our Fallen Soldiers

You went away not knowing
whether you would return,
Brave men and women,
You made the ultimate sacrifice,
By laying down your lives
to defend others.
Our fallen soldiers,
Our silent heroes,
Fathers, brothers, husbands, lovers,
Mothers, sisters and wives.
Though no longer here,
Your spirits run free,
On this day and always,
We salute thee.