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Monday Night Raw

This Monday Night on Raw Edge gave John Cena a much-needed pep talk.  But with the odds stacked against Cena, one wonders what kind of motivation he will have going into Extreme Rules.  We are now presented with a John Cena who has gone soft and maybe so; but  replacing him with Brock Lesnar, is this what Monday Night Raw really needs?

Brock Lesnar is being portrayed as a tough, cold, ruthless kind of person, who has no qualms about knocking down weaker, defenseless people like Josh Mathews, who was merely doing his job.  His action was further legitimized with the signing of the contract for the match between him and Cena at Extreme Rules, when all his demands were met.  By all accounts it seems this guy will be running the show and he can beat upon any body he wants to because he wont be fined.  He even wants the name of the show to be changed to Monday Night Raw Starring Brock Lesnar.  Is this what Raw needs anarchy?  Telling Brock Lesnar he can do whatever he wants to do is giving him too much power  which he is going to abuse.  Laurinaitis fined  Sheamus  five hundred thousand dollars for hitting a referee and in the same breath he is telling Lesnar he won’t be fined for anything.  So what does this mean for the referees and reporters like Josh?  I have a feeling this one is going to come back to bite Laurinaitis where it hurts most.

The signing of the contracts was one of the most boring one I have ever witnessed.  Cena surprised me, he didn’t seem to have any fight in him.  In fact he seemed quite bored with the whole thing.  One cannot blame him because he knows that just like at Wrestlemania he is going to continue in his role as a loser at Extreme Rules.  Wow!   Wrestling is really getting boring!

Well lets take a look at some of the matches.  Kofi Kingston VS Chris Jericho.  In this match Jericho showed his dominance, however Kofi did well, putting up a good fight.  He delivered the Boom Drop, them went for the Trouble in Paradise, but Jericho countered with a Codebreaker then brought on The Walls of Jericho, forcing Kingston to tap out.   Jericho’s obsession with Punk and his family continues.  He brought Punk a gift which turns out to be a basket of alcoholic beverages which he takes on bottle from and re-gifted to Josh Mathews.

Lord Tensai once again was not given much of a competition.  He gets in the ring knock R Truth around, the match is over and they do it every time, putting him in these matches….boring!

Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes VS The Great Khali and The Big Show

The Great Khali was dominant in the early part of the match.  Then things turned around and Big Show took a beating from Del Rio and Cody Rhodes both of whom focused on the Big Show’s knee.  Big Show fought his way out and got back in the match.  Alberto Del Rio true to form took the easy way out abandoning his partner.  Big Show gives Cody a Choke Slam.  Show and Khali wins the match.

Nikki Bella VS Beth Phoenix for the WWE Divas Championship

This match was somewhat disappointing.  Beth Pheonix somehow injured her ankle during the match.  This went to Nikki’s advantage and she won the match taking the title from Beth.

Chris Jericho made claims that Punk was drunk and that he should do a sobriety test which should he fail, he would be stripped of his title.  Once again it is up to Teddy Long to see that this happens.  Punk comes out pretending to be drunk.  He is unable to say the alphabet backwards or walk a straight line.  Really now, who is thinking up all this crap?  Punk fails the test.  Jericho demands that he be given the championship title.  Punks hands over the belt but ask to be given another chance.  Turns out he was just pulling one on Jericho, for he was quite sober, able to walk a straight line and repeat the alphabet backwards.  He then went after Jericho, chasing him from the ring.

The match between Sheamus and Mark Henry was very short with Daniel Bryan who was acting as guest referee giving on of the fastest three counts ever to give Henry the win.