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Wrestlemania 28 Results

Well the big day has come and gone.  For some it was filled with moments of triumph, for others disappointment.  Some left happy, others left sad.  There was no denying, it was an electrifying, fun-filled, exciting event.  So how should I start off?   “YES! YES! YES!” or should it be” NO! NO! NO!”   At least that is what Daniel Bryan should now be shouting after losing his title to Sheamus in a match which lasted only eighteen seconds; one of the shortest matches in WWE history.  I guess he learned the hard way never to turn your back on your opponent.  Well AJ was part of the reason he held the title so long and as it happens part of the reason he lost.    Bye, Bye, Daniel, no more “YES! YES! YES!”   Congratulations to Sheamus for winning the match and becoming the new World Heavy Weight Champion!

In the match between Randy Orton and Kane, Kane really got off to a good start showing dominance over Randy.  Randy fought his way back into the match.  Although he did seem quite on top of his game, he gave it all he got.  However it was just not good enough.  He was unable to pull of the RKO.   When Kane delivered the powerful throat slam, it was all over for Randy and Kane won the match.

Wrestlemania 28 was a big moment for the Big Show.  It also showed that Cody Rhodes is better at mouth talk than he is in the ring.  The Big Show was on top of his game from the very beginning, slamming Cody Rhodes all over the ring.  Cody regrouped and tried to keep the Big Man off his feet and on the ground.  However the Big Show would have none of that.  After weeks of being continually jeered, and taunted by Cody, it was time to teach him to have respect and he did just that.  He put the icing on the cake by delivering a powerful right hand.  Cody went to sleep and the Big Show picked up the win.  He is now the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

The result of the Diva’s Tag Team match was somewhat of a surprise.  The team Beth and Ever were undoubtedly the stronger team.  Maria was suffering from injuries and that was quite evident from the start of the match.  Luck however was on the side of Kelly Kelly and Maria and they won the match, much to the disbelief of Beth and Eve.

Hell in A Cell”  That was exactly what the match between The Undertaker and HHH was.  It was simply hell in a cell, one of the bloodiest and hardest fought match of the night.  These two men went back and forth, battling it out , taking blows after blows, writhing in pain yet not giving up, not calling it quits.  Will the WWE Universe ever experience anything like this again?  I doubt it very much if that was the end of an Era as it was said to be.  Shawn Michaels at one point was overcome with emotions. These three men are three of the greatest wrestlers the WWE Universe has ever seen.  At the end of the match HHH was motionless and the Undertaker could hardly stand.  The streak lives on 20-0!

Team Johnny and Team Teddy match got off to a good start. At the beginning of the match Team Johnny was in full control and it seemed like Team Teddy wasn’t going to able to pull it off.  Then things turned around Team Teddy got all fired up, bodies were flying all over the place the team seemed on the brink of victory; that was until Eve stepped into the ring and jinxed everything.  Zack got distracted, he turned his back and that was all The Miz needed.  One, two, three and the match was over, just like that. Team Johnny had won!

Well, well, well, who is the best in the world at what they do?  Chris Jericho has made the match leading up to Wrestlemania something of an ugly affair; constantly seeking to smear the characters of members of  Punk’s family.  At the start of the game Punk was letting Jericho get to his head, which was exactly what Jericho wanted.  Punk came close to getting himself dis-qualified, but at the last minute he showed restraint, he regained self-control and went on to get Jericho in a submission hold to which he was forced to tap out off.  Well done Punk.  You did it on the biggest stage of them all!

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” WWE career

The match of the night, the match that was most talked about; that of course was the match between John Cena and The Rock.  This was a tough fight.  A fight where the chance of either men winning was equal.  At the start The Rock dominated Cena somewhat, then Cena reversed the role getting near-falls after near-falls.  At one point in the match The Rock was almost unconscious, but the fighter in him refused to call it quits.  This was one of the toughest fight Cena has ever fought, he gave it all he got, he just was not able to get that three count.  There were basically no looser in this match, however the rock was able to get that three count which technically made him the winner.