“Give the Devil His Due”

Bruce Golding it appears is one of the most unpopular Prime Minister Jamaica has ever had.  He has been criticized a lot over the years in his tenure as prime minister.  He has made some mistakes; the handling of the Manatt/ Dudus  affair for one, which happens to be one of the reasons he has been forced to resign.  While some are busy pointing out his failures, we all need to be objective and comment also on the good he has done.  Under his administration people are now able to access free health care.  People no longer have to pay when they go to hospitals or clinics for medical attention.  He may have done some things which caused him to lose credibility, but he is only human.  As the old saying goes ”Give the devil his due.”

Author: marvaseaton

Marva Seaton is a Mom, Author, Blogger, and Poet. She is passionate about issues concerning woman and tries to highlight stories of those suffering abuse. She strongly believes in fairness, equality, and the empowerment of women.

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