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The Fire Challenge

With all the advancement in education and the field of technology we have to ask  the question are young people becoming smarter or dumber. Little children are taught not to play with fire so was the message lost on this young

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Stupid Yahoo Questions

You would be surprised at some of the questions people ask. Here is a few that I want to share with you. I slept with a girl and now she is pregnant. There are two possible fathers and neither of

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Celine Dion

We often wait until people die before we commend them. It is when they die that you hear how great they were. So here am I taking this opportunity to commend Celine Dion for her contribution to the music industry.

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Farewell Maya Angelou

The world has lost another great soul in the passing of Maya Angelou. The famous Author, Poet and Civil Rights Activist died at her home yesterday at the age of eighty-six. She was a wonderful woman who inspired the world

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Facebook Hoax That People Fall For

Face book has changed their privacy settings once more! Due to the new, “graph app” anyone on face book (including other countries) can see your pictures, likes, & comments. The next 2 weeks I will be posting this, and please

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Facebook Posts That People Fall For

I got this photograph from Facebook, as the caption says: First you press LIKE  then in the comment section write the number 5 and see – I think that should be –  what happens. To date it has gotten over

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Solange Attack Jay Z

The latest video taking the internet by storm is that of Beyonce sister Solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator while Beyonce watched . The video is not clear and the faces obscured but evidently they are the people in

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Sterling’s Fall From Grace

My first reaction when I heard about Donald Sterling’s racist comments was – well this appears to be a private conversation between him and his girlfriend; however when I listened to the recorded conversation in its entirety I understood why

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Bad New Addicts

This sick fascination in listening to and giving bad publicity to others is something of a disease and thousands if not millions are stricken  with it.  It is almost like an addiction.  These bad news addicts get high from just

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Do Women Have to Dress Half-naked to be Noticed?

On Sunday I got the chance to see Beyonce and Jay Z perform together.  The song was ‘Drunk in Love’.  As I watched the performance I could not help wondering why women feel they have to appear half-naked when they

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