Ferguson Burning After Decision

The Grand Jury made their decision and while it might not be a popular one what took place afterwards is not the answer. In fact it is just validating the stereo type situation in which blacks are viewed. There were no winners last night and there was nothing gained. A young man lost his life and the verdict did not seem like justice. I understand the anger and frustration but violence is not the answer.

The people of Ferguson must move forward. Michael Brown is dead and burning down Ferguson will not bring him back. Instead of tearing down let’s build something in the memory of this young man. Do not create  situations that will give police officers a reason to kill again. As last night clearly shows in this war they will win.

Instead of fighting let us educate our young men. Let the memory of Michael Brown serve as a catalyst for change. Let them strive for the day when Ferguson Police Department instead of having fifty white officer to three blacks will have and equal amount of blacks and whites. Let us strive for the day when a man’s life is important irrespective of his skin color.


Let it not be said that we are common criminals
all just uneducated, liars, and thieves,
Let us be remembered as the ones who fought for peace.
Blood dries on cold hard pavement
and a mother weeps, for her son is gone
Still body not another breath will breathe
Gone too soon and yet we will hear the sound
again of another mother weeping,
when this same scene is once again repeated.
Can there be peace in the absence of justice.
For the sake of humanity
we have to find a common ground
We must put aside hatred, hostility and division
We must unite and have peace.

Live Life as I see Fit


If I choose to live my life as I see fit
who will I offend?
If I choose not to live as society dictates
Will I be making a great mistake?
Should I do what others want,
simply comply because it is the norm?
It is my life so why should I
allow others make the rules?
Why must we all be like puppets
dancing to the tune of others?

Crying Wolf

Don’t Cry Wolf

Be careful of always crying wolf lest when the wolves finally arrive no one will believe you and you will have to fight them off alone. Don’t complain about problems you do not really have or situations that don’t exist. Don’t prey on others kindness or take advantage of the generous. For the day may come when you will need help and no one will be willing to help you.

So Don’t Call Me Black

Originally posted on So I Write:

I may sometimes have a friend or two
That say “I don’t know what to call you”
To me it matters and in fact
I tell them please don’t call me black

Dogs, cats, rats and bats
Backpacks, cups and even baseball caps
Are black, but me I am not a color
I’m not an object, an animal, or creepy crawler

When I was deployed, the insurgents didn’t say
I’m gonna blow up a black American today
Whoever wore that flag on their right
Was running from mortar rounds in the middle of the night

I don’t blame those who ask of me
What I want to be labeled or rather be
They don’t want to be wrong or want to offend
So I try to put the confusion to an end

I was born in Queens and raised in Brooklyn
I love and enjoy my mom’s southern cooking

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Horrific Case of Abuse

Abusive Babysitter

The following video shared on Face-book is very disturbing. It is a warning to every parent how important it is to keep a close watch on the person taking care of your child. Not everyone can be trusted so be very careful who you entrust your child with. If this was your child what would you do?

Heal Us

image credit freeprayers.tripod.com

Please heal us precious Jesus,
Please heal each bewildered soul, 
Cast out every fear, and dry every tear,
Just whisper the words, “Be whole.”
For Thou hath make the crippled walk,
And made the blinded see.
The withered hand has been restored.
Now heal us Lord we plea.
We do recall that Thou did say,
“Just ask and you will receive.”
Oh may our faith not waiver, we pray,
Thy words…we do believe.
Amazing grace – to us is given,
Let anxious moments flee.
With Thy tender care, please hear our prayer.
Now heal us Lord we plea.

Edna Massimilla