There are a few television series that I watch and Empire happens to be one of them. Empire started out hot it was on fire every episode left you wanting more. I waited in anticipation for season two but so far it has not lived up to the hype that was built up in season one. The two episodes in season two have been disappointing so far. Just last week I was saying to my daughter that I am not feeling Empire at all, seems like I am not the only one who feel this way after learning today that they have lost about three million viewers last week. Their story line is just not clicking. They need to look back at season one and see what they are doing wrong in season two. I would hate to see Empire not lasting more than two seasons.

Where Did Autumn go

I don’t know how it is in your neck of the woods but where I am here in New York it seems as if old man Winter has hijacked Autumn this year. One moment we were in the eighties and seventies looking forward to the mild sixties, instead temperatures have plummeted to the forties and fifties.

Old man Winter I know you love us, a little too much perhaps . But since you are going to be around for a long time could you please give our dear friend Autumn a chance.


Don’t wait to do what should be done

That you have long delayed –

For we are not assured the grace

To live beyond today;

And we cannot return from death

To what we left behind,

To do some deed we should have done

For God or humankind

Don’t wait to speak the words of love

Another waits to hear;

Don’t wait to hug, in warm embrace,

Some heart you hold so dear;

And wait no more to share your wealth

With charities in need

Or beg forgiveness of the Lord

For hidden, sinful deeds

Today is yours to do or say

What you have long delayed –

That should be said – or should be done

Before your judgment Day;

And you, dear heart – just you alone –

Know what you’ve left to do

To better complement your life

Before this day is through

~~~Michael Dubina~~~

Thought for Today

For fear of Rejection, Discrimination and Criticism,

We play the silly game of trying to fit it,

Living by the rules that others make for us.

You are too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall, too white, too black,

Who say we all have to look the same?

It is our differences that make us so unique

We must embrace our uniqueness

It is who we are.


Remember That God Cares

When tempest-tossed and full of hurt

And life is hard to bear;

When nothing seems to satisfy,

Remember that God cares.

When you’re fed up with life itself-

Yes, of the whole affair –

When feeling sad an unworthy,

Remember that God cares.

Reach out when it is hardest to,

When you want to give up,

For that’s the time you need Him most,

When heartache fills your cup

He will never leave you comfortless,

We’re promised in His word,

So don’t hesitate to seek Him –

His help you are ensured.

And when the time comes once again

That sunshine fills your days,

Give thanks to Him who helped you through

And sent those golden rays.

~~Denise A DeWald~~