It takes only one person to start a rumor and thousands will jump on that bandwagon with no desire for the truth. Rumors makes juicy headlines. It creates interesting conversations. Few are concerned that it can hurt someone else reputation. People believe that the more people repeating the same story the more likely that story is true and that is not necessarily so. As rumors spread people add and multiply it and some even start new rumors of their own.

A lot of news stories go viral on the internet from time to time some of which are baseless, totally untrue. Before you start a rumor that is likely to hurt some else reputation think twice. There is a saying what goes around comes around and the good or bad that you do will one day  come right back at you.



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Life is too short for us to live it buried                                                                         
beneath heaps of cares and woes                                                           
There will not always be something to smile about
And sometimes a tear will fall.
Sometimes there will be laughter
and immeasurable joy.
We have to try to see the good
In each day that comes along
We must always count our blessings
And remember always to give thanks.
For tomorrow to no man is promised
It is today that we must cherish
and enjoy every moment before it slips away.


The Journey of Life


The journey of life takes us
on mountains high and valleys low
Sometimes we get frustrated
We know not which way to go.
Sometimes our plans go all awry
We wonder what we are doing wrong,
As we conquer one problem
Another one comes along.
We fall and rise
But through it all
With faith we will survive.

A Wish for You


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May your skies be filled with sunshine
Each day your whole life through,
May health and happiness be yours
Day in and out anew.
May each rainbow that you seek to find
Not e’er be sought in vain,
May each cherished goal you have in sight
Be yours to have and gain.
May hopes and dreams that you possess
One day for you come true,
May God walk always by your side
And light the way for you.

Harorld F Mohn

Peace and Love

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a world without war. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a world where people of all nations can coexist and live in peace and harmony. What good is there in war? It brings about nothing but bloodshed, grief and pain.

Once again the beheading of people by ISIS is making headlines. The question that enters my mind is,  is it a part of destiny for mankind to be this evil. Is it just a game, a show of power to see who is bigger- better at inflicting pain. Is this a contest to see who can take more lives. The world is full of monsters and the big question is how can we rid the world of them.

Without LOVE lasting peace will remain but a fleeting wish- something that we hope for but will never truly attain. Hate is a cancer that spreads quickly and is destroying the world and the only cure is LOVE.

How Easily we Forget

 Kidnapped schoolgirls are seen at an unknown location in this still image taken from an undated video released by Nigerian Islamist rebel group Boko Haram.

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In April of this year over three hundred Nigerian girls were abducted from their school by members of the group Boko Haram. Now seven months later those girls still remain captives. When the story first broke it captured the attention of the world and many took on the hash tag ‘Bring back our girls’. For a while it seemed like they mattered. For a while it seemed like we cared. Today those girls appear to be nothing more than history, how easily we forget.

To all the Nigerian mothers pray on for God is mightier than the sword and when He speaks even Boko Haram will have to obey. Do not become desolate and do not give up hope. Pray without ceasing for with God all thing as possible. He will wipe away all tears from your eyes.

Ebola Outbreak

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Let us keep the Ebola stricken people of West Africa in our thoughts and our prayers. Often we are oblivious about situations until they affect us personally. We have to remember that the more Ebola spreads across Africa the more likelihood it is of spreading to other regions of the world.

So far about five thousand one hundred and sixty persons have died. Liberia has the most deaths followed by Sierra Leone and Guinea. Many children are now orphans because of the disease and we can only hope that a cure will be found soon.

We must pay tribute to Doctors Without Borders who are in the regions treating Ebola Patients, as well as all the other to health worker who are risking their lives to help others. They are the true heroes. Some have died but others continue to fight on. Let us pray that God will grant them the strength and courage to carry on.

Be Humble


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Humility is something that not everyone understands. It is not something that you can fake because it comes from the heart. Many of us focus on self and conversations revolves around use of the words I, ME and MY.

We come into the world and when we depart we will not be remembered for how many degrees we have or how lavishly we lived, those things are easily forgotten. It is the selfless acts we do that make a difference in the world that we will be most remembered for. It is the little things we do to help others that enable people to have faith in humanity.

Humility is never self-centered or boastful. People who do good to others often do so from the heart without the thought of getting acknowledged or praised. They do not do so and stand proudly and beat their chests and say I did this or this happened because of me. They do what they do because they see it as the right thing to do. They do so from the heart because they care.

Superstitions and Beliefs

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Among Caribbean people there is a long tradition of practices and superstitions. Some people adamantly believe in them and will supply you with stories to prove their point. I am going to share with you some of these beliefs.

1.    If you right palm itches you are going to receive money.

2.    If your left eye jumps you are going to cry.

3. Whatever food a pregnant woman is craving at a given moment, she should be given it immediately,
otherwise the baby will have a birth mark on his/her body which will resemble the food.

4. If you put your handbag on the floor you will never have money.

5. It is bad luck to open an umbrella inside the house

6. If a pregnant woman climbs over a fence her child will be a thief.

7. If you let a child see his or her reflection before they’re two years old they won’t talk.

8. When a child bends over and looks at you from between their legs, it is said that they want another little brother or sister.

9. It’s not good to let the younger daughter marry first; because if there is an older sister not married, she might become a spinster.

10. If you break a mirror you will have seven years of bad luck.